Monday, March 31, 2014

An Important Resource for Thinking about What Universities Should Be and Do

In preparation for the CUS Think Tank meeting, we were encouraged to read Dr. Reinhard Hütter's "Polytechnic Utiliversity."  Like all of his work it is dense and demands much from the reader. However, it is worth the effort.

You can find the link at the following link:

Dr. Dean O. Wenthe Installed as President of the Concordia University System

It was a real delight to be present at the installation of my predecessor and mentor as president of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Dr. Dean O. Wenthe, as president of the Concordia University System of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.  As President Harrison stated in his sermon, Dean is the right man for this position, called to it for this moment.  What a blessing he will be!

The bulletin for Dr. Wenthe's installation follows:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Lutheran Journal for Missions

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Is there really a uniquely LCMS approach to mission?

 That question is at the heart of the Journal of Lutheran Mission, a new e-publication available for your use from the Synod’s Offices of National and International Mission.

The scholarly journal, published digitally, exists to encourage discussion between you and those you serve, pastors, colleagues and social media friends on the interwoven nature of mission and Church.
Why take the time to read this journal? “The journal matters because mission matters,” said Rev. Bart Day, executive director of the Office of National Mission. “Christ has given all things to the Church, and the Church shares those gifts with the world.”

In addition, “The desire of the Journal of Lutheran Mission is to move beyond words (a missiology of rhetoric) to reflect the work of Christ through His Church globally,” explains the Rev. Randy Golter, executive director of the Office of National Mission. “His words are performative, and so the mission exists, is ongoing and is accomplishing His purpose. In this lies the confidence of Lutheran mission and every Lutheran missionary.”

The journal’s list of contributing editors is extensive, including faculty from both seminaries; clergy from Germany to Madagascar, Ethiopia to Siberia; Synod staff as well as two district presidents. Day and Golter serve as executive editors.

The debut issue of the journal features papers from the Synod’s Summit on Lutheran Mission, held in San Antonio, Texas, in November 2013. A first-of-its-kind event, the conference served as a venue to discuss the question, “What is our Lutheran identity when it comes to mission?”
Published three times a year, the journal can be downloaded in a variety of formats at Individual articles from the journal are also available so that you can share them – and continue the conversation – through social media.

“It is our desire to follow the tradition of mission that led to the founding of the Missouri Synod, to highlight and expound good examples of Lutheran missiology and to raise the height and breadth of discussion on mission so that every member of the Missouri Synod prays for the mission of the church, engages in it him/herself and supports it each according to their vocation,” explained LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison.

We hope you’ll join in the discussion. Download the journal, share it with your friends and email your thoughts to the editors at

Kantor Resch Announces Retirement

I announced this to the faculty last week with great joy for the marvelous contributions and central role that Kantor Resch has played at Concordia Theological Seminary over the last 30 years.  But I did so with sadness, admitting to Richard that this was the one retirement that I never wanted to think about.

Thank you, Richard, for all of your faithful service over the years!