Saturday, March 06, 2010

John Tietjen at New Orleans - 1973


Paul Gregory Alms said...

Wow. Great find. Thanks for posting it.

Paul Gregory Alms said...

You know Tietjen, apart from the issues involved, is alternately very appealing in this video and very arrogant.

Rastaman said...

I think you may have just nailed it.

Rev. Luke T. Zimmerman said...

Agree with Pr. Alms' assessment: both appealing and arrogant. Perhaps that is the blessing/curse of charisma.

Another observance: the modern LCMS custom of having Synod leaders begin addresses to Convention with testimonies of their faith.

The reading of a "laundry list" of believed tenets to the delegates is seen with Dr. Tietjen. Convention delegates continue to see it done by LCMS leaders 35+ years later.