Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Big "Oops" for Italy

"Italian politician Umberto Bossi apologized for his much-criticized remarks that Italy would 'buy' a victory in a crucial World Cup group match against Slovakia.  The comments by Bossi, a Cabinet minister, drew a sharp rebuke from the national soccer federation and fellow politicians.  'I apologize to the national team,' Federal Reforms Minister Bossi told the ANSA news agency. He said his comments were meant as a 'joke' and that he hopes Italy wins the World Cup.


I wonder what the "Federal Reforms Minister" in Italy does?  Regardless, unfortunately for Bossi, Italy is now out of the World Cup.  That's right, the defending champions didn't make it out of the Group Stage.  I'm trying to drum up some pathos for them.  Well, that didn't work :)

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