Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Elvis All the Time

Some people have no taste.  I've held off on this one, but no longer.  A few days ago president elect of the LCMS, Matt Harrison, posted an Elvis link on his Facebook page. Most people responded favorably.  But two musically challenged individuals pushed back.  Their posts follow:

John T. Pless I prefer Elert to Elvis.

Paul T. McCain We have to have a talk about Johann Sebastian Bach. I had to cleanse my ears with JSB after listening to this.

In response to these unnamed Philistines, I have changed the music on this blog to All Elvis All the Time!


Pastor Bakker said...'re such a 'sell out'.


Paul Gregory Alms said...

Love it! The King!

Paul McCain said...


I think Krauth would prefer Bach to Elvis.

So, there.

Rastaman said...

LOL, Paul! But that's only because CPK never heard Elvis. :)

Rastaman said...

@Jon--nah, Elvis never put out a great album. We'll have an All The Who All the Time mix soon. It will be a complete "Sell Out"; you can be sure of that!

Scott Diekmann said...

I finally get here to listen to the Sousa music, and find Elvis instead. Well, that's probably an upgrade. Bach may be better, but Elvis definitely has Bach beat in the wardrobe department. I may come crash your Seattle LCMS history & theology class for a day to see what I missed. I wonder if they give a blogger discount.