Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rastaman Visits the LCMS International Center -- EVIDENCE!

My good friend Al Collver has posted the evidence that I was not only at the IC today, but in the president's office.  It was good to visit with President Harrison and his staff.  It was also wonderful to spend the day working on our ongoing oral history project dealing with Black Ministry in both the LCMS and the old synodical conference.

Click here to visit Dr. Collver's excellent blog.  I've reproduced today's below.


Rastaman Visits the IC

Rev. Dr. Larry Rast from Concordia Theological Seminary visits with President Harrison.

Dr. Rast is author of Rastaman Vibrations where he "deals with stuff that interests him -- especially American Religious history, Lutheranism, the Pennsylvania Railroad, obscure music, and Africa." Other than the Pennsylvania Railroad, Dr. Rast can find all of his listed interests in President Harrison's Office.

A Little Bit of Africa

Yet visiting President Harrison wasn't Dr. Rast's primary purpose in coming to the International Center. He came to interview on video people who have been involved in Black Ministry. Dr. Rast began this project at the Synod Convention in Houston, TX.

We look forward to seeing the results of Dr. Rast's interviews on the LCMS' work in black ministry.

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