Monday, October 25, 2010

Crystal Cathedral's Finances Shattered

Old news for many by now, but Ecumenical News International reports the following:

California's Crystal Cathedral Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Washington (ENI/RNS). The Crystal Cathedral, the gleaming Southern California megachurch known for its "Hour of Power" television broadcast, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors. Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman said in an 18 October statement that the decision came after some creditors chose to file lawsuits against the ministry, Religion News Service reports. "As is often the case, negotiations and decisions do not move fast enough to satisfy all parties," said Coleman, who succeeded her father, the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, this year. "For these reasons, the ministry now finds it necessary to seek the protection of a Chapter 11." The church's "Hour of Power" broadcast has been described as the most-watched Christian television programme worldwide. [309 words, ENI-10-0716]

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roger said...

It is my understanding that his son who had taken over was removed because he spoke too much of sin and Christ's death of forgiveness. It is no wonder they have financial problems.