Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saint Paul in London Affected by "Occupy" Forces

St. Paul's Cathedral closes, asks protesters to leave

London (ENInews)--Due to health, safety and fire concerns connected with an anti-corporate protest camp at its doors, St. Paul's Cathedral, London's 16th-century landmark, announced it is closing until further notice and asked the protesters to leave. "The decision to close ... is unprecedented in modern times," said the Rev. Graeme Knowles, the cathedral dean, in a statement on St. Paul's website ( With hundreds of people and about 200 tents pitched around the huge building, "health, safety and fire officers have pointed out that access ... is seriously limited. With so many stoves and fires and lots of different types of fuel around, there is a clear fire hazard. Then there is the public health aspect which speaks for itself. The dangers relate not just to cathedral staff and visitors but are a potential hazard to those encamped themselves," Knowles said. [381 words, ENI-11-0572]

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